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January 2018




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Jan. 1st, 2018


[sticky post] Movie Project 2018

By the end of 2017, seventy "new-to-me" movies were consumed. I keep hoping that I'll get to that fabled "100" movies, but I can't seem to get over that hump.

This year continues the trend as I continue to document and log the movies I've watched through the course of the year.

As always, the movies on the this list will consist of "new-to-me" movies... movies, no matter how old or new, that I had never seen before.  No tv shows.

I will also rate the movies on a 5-star scale (with 1/2 stars to give the ratings more nuance).

Here's my scale:

5 STARS Life changing.  I love this movie.

4 STARS An excellent film.  Highly recommended.

3 STARS Competent film.  Neither good nor bad.

2 STARS More bad than good but still had something one can appreciate.

1 STAR Ugh.  Not pretty at all.

And with that, let's start the list:

The Movies of 2018!Collapse )

Jan. 1st, 2017


Movie Project 2017

Another year, another list.  Like years past, I will track all of the "new" movies I haved watched throughout the course of the calendar year.  I am making it a personal goal to watch as many movies as possible from as many genres as possible.  Just like previous years, "new" refers to any and all movies that I watch that I have not watched before.  So this can include new releases as well as catalog titles.  TV shows will not be tracked.

Also, I will, again, rate the movie on how much I enjoyed them.  The rating will be a snapshot of what I felt after it's initial viewing.  However, know that my tastes tend to shift and sometimes, after a while, a movie that I liked might become a movie that I hate.... but regardless, the ratings that you see will be my first blush impression.

Here's my rating scale:

5 STARS Life changing.  I love this movie.
4 STARS An excellent film.  Highly recommended.
3 STARS Competent film.  Neither good nor bad.
2 STARS More bad than good but still had something one can appreciate.
1 STAR Ugh.  Not pretty at all.

I will include 1/2 stars as needed to give more depth to my rating.

So, with all that out of the way, let's get to the movies!
Movies watched of 2017!Collapse )

Jan. 1st, 2016


Movie Project 2016

It's been almost 2 years since I've really stepped foot into the halls of LiveJournal.  I skipped last year's movie list completely.  But with this new year,  I realized how much I missed seeing what new movies I've seen through the course of the year.  So here it is, I'm back again to track my movie viewing over the course of this calendar year.

Like in years past, I will list any "new" movie that I watch during the course of the calendar year.  "New" does not only refer to movies released this year (whether that be in the theaters or on disc) but also to any older movies that I haven't seen before or so old that I don't remember ever watching it.  I will not include TV shows because, if I did, then this list would get long and ugly.

Also, I will, again, rate the movie on how much I enjoyed them.  The rating will be a snapshot of what I felt after it's initial viewing.  However, know that my tastes tend to shift and sometimes, after a while, a movie that I liked might become a movie that I hate.... but regardless, the ratings that you see will be my first blush impression.

Here's my rating scale:

5 STARS Life changing.  I love this movie.
4 STARS An excellent film.  Highly recommended.
3 STARS Competent film.  Neither good nor bad.
2 STARS More bad than good but still had something one can appreciate.
1 STAR Ugh.  Not pretty at all.

I will include 1/2 stars as needed to give more depth to my rating.

And with that, on to the list:
Movie Project 2016Collapse )

Jan. 6th, 2014



I've decided to continue tracking my movie watching habits during the course of a year.  It's funny.  I never feel like I've watched all that much.  Lord knows the stuff I watch isn't particularly substantial.  The majority are action/horror/comedy/fantasy/sci-fi films.  Definitely not deep or philosophical. But still, I like to think watching 74 "new" movies is a lot.

Anyway, my goal is to get to 100 movies this year.  It's not something that I will actively be trying to achieve.  I'll continue to watch movies whenever I get the chance... but I really would like to get to 100 movies.  And ultimately, the goal is to try and stretch my viewing pallet... to watch things in genres I wouldn't normally watch.

With that said, as always, this list will be comprised of "new" movies that I watch during the calendar year.  Movies are "new" to me if I've never seen it before.  So classics like BEN HUR will have a place in my list as well as this year's CAPTAIN AMERICA.

And as always, I'll continue to rate the films I see just to give you an idea of what I thought.  I'll hopefully do more movie reviews for first run releases I see in the theaters and, if interest is there, maybe I'll review older films.

A quick note about my rating scale.  Typically, even if a movie is particularly bad, I still try and find something positive about it.  Maybe there was a cool shot, or maybe the lighting was effective.  Whatever.  Regardless, that's why even horrible films will get, at the very least, 1 STAR.  To give a little more depth to the ratings, half stars can be used.  But sometimes... a movie is so bad, it transcends any sort of conventional rating.  And for that you can go here: http://krono0666.livejournal.com/1140.html

5 STARS Life changing.  I love this movie.
4 STARS An excellent film.  Highly recommended.
3 STARS Competent film.  Neither good nor bad.
2 STARS More bad than good but still had something one can appreciate.
1 STAR Ugh.  Not pretty at all.
Here's the list for 2014Collapse )

Jan. 1st, 2014



For the last couple of years, I've been tracking my movie watching habits and keeping track of every "new" movie I watched throughout the course of that year.  Initially, I had the lofty goal of watching 100 new movies in a year but, as the years progressed, I got further and further away from that goal.  In fact, last year, I hit an all-time low of 53 movies (2009 was the year I saw the most new movies... 76 total).  Now, to be fair, last year was a rather craptastic year for me on a personal level and so I didn't get much "me" time to sit and watch movies.  Also I was still finishing up my quest to watch every episode of STAR TREK from the Original Series to Enterprise.

Well... it's a new year and STAR TREK has been completed!  My slate is clear and I can watch movies to my heart's content... once I get past that whole "working" thing.

Anyway, like in previous years, I'm going to track any "new" movie I watch during the year.  As always, "new" refers to any movie I watch that I had never watched before.  So classics like GONE WITH THE WIND can sit side-by-side with the upcoming IRON MAN 3... as long as I've never watched it before, it'll go on the list once I do watch it.

I am going to alter things a little, though.  I'm getting rid of the NO STARS rating.  The reality is, I try and find something positive in any movie I watch and I've never found myself using that rating.  Also, It shifts the ratings a bit so that 3 STARS is right in the middle... it's a movie that is okay but by no means a great film.  Also, half stars are used to give broader range for rating purposes.

Don't worry though... if a movie does someone manage to make me want to gouge out my eyes, there is still my rating system for that.  You can read that here http://krono0666.livejournal.com/1140.html

5 STARS Life changing.  I love this movie.
4 STARS An excellent film.  Highly recommended.
3 STARS Competent film.  Neither good nor bad.
2 STARS More bad than good but still had something one can appreciate.
1 STAR Ugh.  Not pretty at all.

Here hoping I watch a lot of movies this year!

On to this years list!Collapse )

Sep. 15th, 2013


4 weeks later

I’ve been meaning to update this blog for awhile now.  I don’t know… every time I sit down in front of the computer, typing about myself or doing a movie review, I just don’t feel like it.  And yet, I keep saying that I will.  I’ve been promising myself that, even if no one reads this, I need to do this.  Not only to keep my writing sharp, but to also just put myself out there more. (Okay, that’s a lie.  My writing has never been sharp… but hell, even a dull knife cuts through a bagel when you work on it long enough).

So, anyway… I know I tend to play things close to the vest.  Most of the people I consider my friends probably don’t really know much about me at all.  Sure, they could probably predict that I won’t kill someone (or won’t I? Hmmm…), but most folk don’t know me on a deeper level.  If I keep this up, hopefully you’ll understand me a little bit more.

But enough about that…


I’ve been four weeks out on the field with my new job as Retail Representative for Sony Playstation.  I know… fucking cool, right?  I work for Playstation!  Of course, you’re probably wondering what exactly I do for them.  At the simplest, I make sure that Sony Playstation is represented well throughout various retailers that we deal with.  It involve making sure that the sections are merchandised well, that I put up marketing to highlight Playstation product, and I have to make sure that the employees are educated enough with the product to be able to do basic selling.

The job involves a lot of driving… working from my car… and dealing with stores where the employees just sometimes don’t give a shit about what they’re selling.

I’ll admit, this has been a different experience.  If I seem a little “blah” about the job when I talk about it, please don’t mistake that for me not liking my job.  It’s just… different.

After working almost 20 years in retail, this job has been a breath of fresh air.  It’s still full-time so I still work 40-ish hours and I get benefits.  But then I get most weekends off.  Mind blown!  In almost 20 years working, the only time I ever really got a weekend off was when I requested it or used vacation time.  And because the way the job works, it’s up to me to make sure I get my stores visited in my 40 hrs.  So, if I work a little bit over on a day, by Friday, I might only have to make up 4 hrs. so I have a shortened day.  As long as I get to my stores by the end of the month and as long as I don’t go over 40 hrs, I’m good.  Crazy!

Now, of course, there are some drawbacks.  There’s a lot of driving.  A lot!  Just this past week, I racked up over 400 miles on my car.  The good thing, though, is that they at least pay for mileage.  And considering what they pay, and considering my car gets good mileage, I’m making out like a bandit on this deal!  Oh, and my garage has been overtaken by an abundance of Sony propaganda… posters, boxes, clings, controllers... Yeah, my garage isn’t for cars anymore.

I do miss interacting with customers, though.  Not surprising since I’ve done it for 20 years.  But there’s something about helping people find what they’re looking for that I find fulfilling.  Yeah, it’s only helping them find a game, or a CD, or a movie, but I like the idea that I made their day a little brighter by finding them their product. And I’ve got way too much video game information floating in my head that, except for that small portion that’s dedicated to Sony product, it’s now going to waste.  And, what can I say, I was good at my job… you’ll have to forgive me for missing it.

I guess that’s why it’s so frustrating going into a Wal-Mart or Target (and to a lesser extent, Best Buy) and I’m dealing with employees who don’t give a fuck about what they’re selling.  They’re just there because they have to or they’re just collecting a paycheck.  Fuck that!  If it were me, I’d make sure to be the best damn sales person out there… even if it was for a lousy $7.50/hr.  My job requires me to give the employee product knowledge to help them become better sales people.  I give them the info they need to sell.  But I’m greeted with so many blank stares and “I’m just covering so-and-so’s shift” excuses that it’s no wonder so many people bypass brick-and-mortar stores and just order straight from the internet.

And I hate to admit it, but I miss my GameStop people.  Not only the regular customers, but also my employees and my fellow managers.  Sure, some of them were insufferable, but we were a family.  A dysfunctional family… but a family nonetheless.


I know I’m only 4 weeks in, but I still can’t help feeling like I’m flailing about.  Flapping my wings and hoping that I don’t fall from the sky.  I’m trying to get my timing down so that I’m not at a store too long that will prevent me from visiting my planned stores for the week.  And I always feel like I’m forgetting to do something… or I should be doing something more.  Maybe it’s because, when you sit down and think about it, this job is really, really easy.  Maybe I’m psyching myself out and making this more complicated than I need to.  I’m filled with such uncertainty when I walk into a store because I’m not used to being on the other side of the counter.  I’m usually the one doing the selling.

I guess, the bright side is that one of my “co-workers”, the lead rep in my district, recently visited and travelled with me to some of my stores.  She seems to feel that I’ve acclimated myself well.  I hope so.  I’ll be visited by my district manager next month…so we’ll see then.  My DM says that she’s not expecting perfection right off the bat… in fact, because of the weird time that joined the team, she’s not expecting me to feel fully comfortable with my job for at least 6 months.  I guess I just expect more from myself.

Anyway, I do like the job.  And with the Playstation 4 launching soon, this will be some exciting times.

Hope you’ll stay with me for this ride.

Jul. 12th, 2013


Movie Review: MONSTERS UNIVERSITY (2013)


I'm beginning to wonder if the magic that permeated the early Pixar films is beginning to run out.  I mean, it's completely unreasonable to expect that every movie they do hits you in the feels every time.  And yet, I think that that's the expectation that so many people have.  And when you just make a movie that's "good" as oppose to "heart-tuggingly moving", it's not difficult to think that somehow Pixar has failed.  Yet, this is far from the truth.

What we have with MONSTERS UNIVERSITY is a movie that is well done, enjoyable, and fun to watch.  It's funny, with likable characters and has moments that makes your realize that the folks at Pixar are masters at their CG craft.

Did Monsters University make the grade?Collapse )

Jun. 27th, 2013

potty emergency

Job & security

So I lost my job yesterday.  After almost 7 years with Gamestop, they let me go.

The official stance is that, for a variety of reasons, almost all stores have been running at a very minimum number of hours.  Managers were working upwards of 55-60 a week just to make the schedule work with the hour they were provided.  And this was even for the very large stores (stores that make over $1M).  So to try and have more hours to spread to the larger stores, they created a MANAGER II position.  Basically this would only affect stores that make under $1M but the stores that it impacted would see one manager oversee two stores.

You can already see the math there.  Someone would have to go.

And so, in the grand scheme of the things... I was the one let go.  It was my district manager who had to make the final decision and I asked her what made her consider me and it came down to just how poorly my store performed last fiscal year.  That, combined with some honest conversations I had with my DM about how I felt about working for the company in it's current state, and that was how she arrived at her decision.

It came completely out of nowhere.  I thought she was coming by for just her regular store visit.  But when she asked for extra coverage for that day... well, I'll be honest, I figured something was up.  I knew the tendency was the store always got busy whenever I needed to get something done, so I thought that, maybe, she just wanted to have an extra person so that we could focus on tasks. But I joked with one of my co-workers that, usually, the only time she asks for extra help was for when someone was about to get fired.  Heh... who knew?

I think some people are expecting me to be angrier than I am.  Or, at least, more upset.  And I'll admit, after I was escorted out of the store and I called a friend to let her know, it did hit me and I did cry.  And throughout most of the day, thinking about what happened made me tear up.  But what can you do?  There's no sense in getting angry or indignant.  Decisions had to be made and I was just the unfortunate one to be on the receiving end.  Put in her position, I would have made the same decision.

But it does suck... sucks because I didn't get a chance to leave on my own terms.  Sucks because I didn't get a chance to tell my regular customers that I was leaving.  Sucks because I didn't get a proper chance to say "Thanks" to my employees. Sucks because I won't get the chance to go to Vegas with my peers.  Sucks because i didn't get a chance see if I'd get a free PS4 or XBox One from conference.

I think what really sucks though, is once this new fiscal year started, my store was doing really well.  Top in the district for 3 months straight.  It would have been nice to see where it all would have gone.

The door is still open for me to return to the company in some capacity some time down the line.  And maybe, if things don't work out , maybe I'll consider it.  But for right now, I just need to rest.

Jan. 1st, 2013



I've decided for this year to get rid of the "100" part of this movie project seeing as how, in the three years that I've been tracking the movies I've watched during the course of that year, I have yet to reach that lofty goal of 100.  So, instead, we will simply call this the MOVIE PROJECT.

The overall goal and purpose of this project is to track all of the "new" movies I've seen during the course of the calendar year.  "New" is in quotes because it actually refers to ANY movie that I watch that I had never seen before.  So, classic films like CASABLANCA (which I've never seen before) will be listed as well as the new AVENGERS film when that comes out.  Movies that I've already seen and I've decided to watch again will not be listed (because, if I did, then this list would definitely be over 100 titles) as well as TV shows (I'm still working my way through the STAR TREK series). 

Like previous years, I'm also including a rating of the movie.  Did I like it?  Hated it?  It's just a snapshot of what I thought at the time.  The rating scale does include half stars.

5 STARS - life changing.  I love this movie.
4 STARS - an excellent film.  Highly recommended.
3 STARS Competent film.  Neither good nor bad.
2 STARS - More bad than good but still had something one can appreciate.
1 STAR - Ugh.  Not pretty at all.
NO STARS - ACK!!!! Mine eyes!!!!  It Burns!!!!

Hopefully I'll watch more movies this year.  2011 ended at 63 films.  Maybe we'll hit 80 this year.

What movies did I watch? Read on...Collapse )

Nov. 26th, 2012


Mom's eulogy

Over a month has passed since mom died.

I've talked about it in my last post and, well, honestly, little has changed.  I continue to do what I need to do... I continue to try and find some semblance of normal.  Lord knows, if I didn't have work, I'd be going crazy.  As it is, I haven't been able to breathe much, what with Black Friday and all.  But that is a rant for another time.

With the Filipino culture, 40 days after the death of a person is really important to their spiritual/soul being.  While it's not something that I subscribe to, I know it's important to a lot of other people... the friends and family of mom who need this as, I guess, a sort of spiritual closure.  And with the 40 days approaching, I thought I'd take the time to thank everyone.

Thank you to the friends... Thank you to the family... thank you, everyone.  I appreciate everything that you have all done... from visiting mom at the hospital... going to the funeral home... being there for us at the funeral itself... for the food you've given us and the concern you've continue to show us. Thank you.

I wanted to post the eulogy I gave for mom at her funeral mass for those of you that weren't able to make it.  It was written very last minute as my sister didn't ask if I wanted say anything until the day before but I think it sums up much of what I feel.  Full disclosure, elements of my eulogy were taken from/inspired by an internet thing I found call "You should have a physicist speak at your funeral"... but it was important for me to say what I did because I stopped being religious a long time ago and needed to say what I needed to say.

I'm not quite sure how these things go. I've never had to do this for anyone.  And, while I do have a minor in speech, I've never been comfortable up front of a crowd.

First, I suppose, I'd like to thank all of you.  Family -- Friends -- you've done so much for us -- for my sister, Chris, Abby, my dad and myself.  And seeing so many faces -- faces of people I haven't seen in ages... it's absolutely humbling.

How does one person affect so many?  I've seen so many people these last few days with a genuine sadness at the reality that Mom is gone... and I'm humbled.

Mom was the type of person that was always gracious -- always caring -- always kind.  You could see it in her eyes and you could see it in her smile.

Mom was the Tita -- the auntie -- you could go to when you couldn't talk to your own parents.  To so many of my friends growing up, Mom was like a second mom to them.  I remember one time, Mom actually let the boyfriend of a friend of mine stay at our house for a couple of days because the motel he was staying at was just not good at all -- a Bate's Motel roach central kind-of-place.  Did we really know the guy?  No... but Mom would do whatever she could for our friend.

Mom was loved.  She was respected.  You could see that in just how many of you had her as your Ninang -- your Godmother.  You could have chosen someone else, but year after year, as another child was born or as another person got married, Mom got a phone call asking her to be a Godmother.  What was it that drew you to Mom?  Ask yourself that honestly and I think you'll see that you chose Mom because she was the someone you hoped you could be like or that your child could learn to be like.

It hurts me and pains me to say -- to believe that she will no longer be a regular presence in our lives.  She had so much more to offer -- whether it be good advice, a listening ear, or her recipe on how to make eggrolls.

I know the religious among you -- those of faith -- I know you'll see Mom again when it's time.  And I know that you'll feel Mom's guiding presence and watchful gaze and maybe even some subconscious advice as you try to do what Mom would do.  Let your faith be your strength during these times.

For those of you who are not religious, I offer you this:  Mom is never truly gone.  No energy gets created in this universe and none is destroyed.  Every bit of energy, every vibration, every BTU of heat, every particle that made up the existence of Mom remains here in the world.  The heat that we feel now?  Mom is a part of that.  Know that the energy that made up Mom is not gone... just a little less orderly.  She will continue to be here and affect you in ways that will always impact our lives.

Mom -- thank you for being you. Thank you for showing me how to be the best version of me I can be.  Thank you for being a friend to so many... a wife to dad... a grandmother to Abby... and a mother to Ate, Chris, and me.

I will miss you.

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